POLO by SILVIA KELLY – 18kt gold, onyx and coral long necklace

$2,281 (exc. import duties & GST)

Made in Lecco

As far as beaded necklaces go, this hand-threaded onyx piece from Silvia Kelly is a superior example. Clocking in at 80cm in length, it has all the hallmarks of a wardrobe essential that can bring edge, confidence and attitude to anything it’s paired with. Eight strands of glossy onyx are lifted by bright salmon coral accents and tied together with classic yellow gold at the closure.

If you’re all about pushing boundaries with your style like we are at L’UREVES, why not start with a piece like this? It’s adaptable enough to become a staple, but audacious enough to make a statement.

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Weight 0.157 kg
Materials 18kt Yellow Gold, 8 Onyx strands spheres ø4mm, 5 Salmon Coral spheres ø7mm, 2 Barrel Cut Salmon Coral, Onyx rings
Length 80 cm

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