MISANI – 18kt gold, quartz and pink opal necklace

$6,495 (exc. import duties & GST)

Made in Milan

A bold necklace can speak for itself in many settings. Created by Misani’s master craftsmen, this detailed gemstone necklace lets you express the many sides of your personality, no matter where you are or what you wear it with.

Brighten up any dull day (or outfit) with its brown brilliant diamond and pink opal accents. Inspired by its bold baroque pearls, wear it by the water and let the light dance off its shimmering surface. Attract attention with its different types of stunning quartz. Whatever the setting, this unique necklace will really let your personality shine through.

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Weight 0.061 kg
Materials 18kt Gold, Brown Brilliants, 2 Fumé Quartz, 1 Lemon Quartz, 2 Pink Opal, 5 Baroque Pearls
Length 44 cm

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