MISANI – 18kt gold and murrine necklace


Made in Milan

Looking for a unique necklace that really stands out? Want to bring a bit of bling and colour to your everyday life? This 18kt gold necklace handmade by the artisans at Misani is what you need. (Go on, you deserve it.) When we say this piece is one of a kind, we really mean it.

Its 12 glass paste murrines, handmade exclusively in Murano, are each entirely unique in their colours – you’ll literally never find two the same. Pair them with bright, 18kt hammered yellow gold and this gemstone necklace will have you turning heads wherever you go.

This necklace can be attached to its murrine bracelet, transforming the two into one long, creative statement necklace (as shown in the last two photos).

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Weight 0.069 kg
Materials 18kt Gold, 12 Murrine
Length 43 cm