About us

L’UREVES brings you high quality, unique jewellery. Made in Italy.

Since 1958

We are a family business which goes back three generations, with first jewellery store opening near Milan over 60 years ago. The business has now evolved and launched in Australia as a fine jewellery e-commerce store.


Wearable art

We bring you the most unique handcrafted jewellery from all over Italy found in locations off the beaten track.

All our pieces are handcrafted, timeless treasures which will stay with you forever.


Support and celebrate

Equality. We are firm believers that we are all equal, no exception made.

Representation. We are passionately invested in representing the variety of people that make life interesting.

Environment. We love our planet, and we are conscious of the effect every bit can produce. We continuously review our processes to improve our footprint.

Our business approach is socially and environmentally responsible. We support the removal of conflict diamonds via the Kimberley Process, ensure the raw materials which our timeless pieces are made of were sourced more than 10 years ago. We also aim to have all our packaging made of recycled material in the future.

Craftsmanship. We understand that everything worth having requires time, effort and expertise. All our objects celebrate and represent Italian craftsmanship at its finest.

If we could suggest a place to start, we’d say head to our Curated Collections!

We hope this helps you getting inspired.

Robi & Stefi